Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beach Week 2012

Last week was our annual week at the beach with Birdie, Bogey, Bucky, Uncle Grant and Nanny.  This year, Aunt Anne and Katie flew all the way from Texas to join us.  It was so much fun to get to spend quality time with the family (except Daddy who didn't make it :( ).  Brady was in heaven having so many people to spoil him. 

Most of our time was spent enjoying the beautiful weather, running wild on the beach.  Brady loves the water and will go as deep as we let him.  He would lay in the waves and just get splashed and rolled around.  He also really enjoyed building (aka watching Mommy build) "boat channels" and trying to float his boat down the channel. 

Checking out our crab friend

To take a break from the beach, Brady got treated to his first amusement park rides and not one, but two, trips to Brookgreen Gardens to see the horses.

Brady had ridden a carousel before but at Broadway at the Beach he got to ride 3 different carousels!  He has bcome slightly obsessed, trying to build carousels at home with every block (or domino in this case) and animal he can find.

Birdie bought him 12 new horses so he could really step up his carousel
He also loved riding the "fast cars", a balloon ferris wheel, a pirate ship, boats, motorcycles, etc, etc.  He did not want to leave!

We ventured out to dinner just one night and it was a kid friendly place with a cool pirate ship playground.

Mommy, Brady and Baby - Love how he already loves her!

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